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Industrial pH & ORP Sensors

Non-Porous Cross-Linked Polymer Reference System: 

These are the only truly solid-state reference systems of their kind in existence. This is a non-permeable system in which only selective ionic communication with the secondary junction (and tertiary) is permitted. This creates a very stable reference potential, even during harsh process conditions, that provides the following advantages: 

  • Experiences far less aging and deterioration over long periods for low drift and maintenance. 
  • Solid-state construction allows for scraping clean with a straight-edge razor to extend sensor lifetime when fouled. 
  • It is not easily dried out when exposed to air for prolonged periods. 
  • Does not absorb fluids of gases into junction and is significantly more impervious to solvents. 
  • Stable operation even in the presence of harsh chemical attack at high temperature in the presence of abrasive slurries. 

pH Glass features include: 

  • Unique low-profile thick-wall break-resistant parabolic pH glass element. 
  • Ideal for high viscosity solutions or high particulate abrasive slurries. 
  • Substantially minimize breakage with process upsets, mechanical abuse, or accidents. 
  • Low-profile platinum ball style ORP sensing element. 
  • Suitable for applications requiring resistant to high velocity flow, high pressure installations up to 200 psig, as well as aggressive dissolved gases and volatile organic solvents with suitable options invoked. 
  • Saturated sodium (brine) resistant pH glass elements. 
  • High-temperature & pressure-resistant pH glass elements. 
  • Supports down to -35° C to 150° C at pressures up to 200 psig. 
  • Wide range pH glass 
  • Low impedance pH glass 
  • Dual pH & ORP All-In-One 

Integrated Modular Sensor Design 

Specialized pH Glasses & Platinum ORP Redox Sensing Elements. These specialized pH elements are designed not only to survive such conditions but perform with great repeatability, accuracy, and sensitivity. 

  • Application-specific pH & ORP sensing elements are optimized for each application. 
  • Solid-State Reference Junctions employ non-porous cross-linked conductive polymer optimized for each process. 
  • Resilient Plastic Housings 
  • Integrated electronics components, which include: Temperature Compensation, Solution Ground, Analog, and Smart Digital Sensor. 
  • Waterproofing options for fully submersible sensor assemblies.